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Always with you

What products should you always have with you? In a purse or in a car? What is worth having nearby? Tender Care is the perfect example - it’s tiny, affordable, and handy at any time of the year! What other products would you add to the list of essentials? Maybe hand cream, Wellness bars? Share “Always with you” ideas on your Social Media and open conversations at any time!

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Upgrade your evening

Most people spend their evenings relaxing after work. Sometimes they sit down in front of the TV to watch their favorite movie or new episode of TV series. This moment is perfect to put the mask on their face and regenerate skin to look and feel amazing. Another idea: moisturizing foot creams. Finally, they can stretch their legs on the recliner. They don’t have to go anywhere so feet can rest. Ask people how they spend their evenings and offer them a “relaxing upgrade”.

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BabyO is a great product that new mothers will be interested in. They have many dilemmas and are eager to learn about great products.
Where will you find we have which you can approach? Join thematic groups on Facebook, use the appropriate hashtags on Instagram referring to pregnancy and motherhood.
Outside of the online world, it’s worth visiting birthing schools, playrooms and ask if you can leave catalogs there or arrange a meeting for their customers.
If you want your BabyO meetings to be even more attractive, you can finish them with a short presentation of products for mothers. Not only babies but also their mothers are important!

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August is the time when the sun still warms us, but yet we know that summer is coming to an end. Our body usually calls for adequate hydration. The face needs cream, the hair is begging for oil treatment, hands and feet need care. But we think about beauty from the inside too, which is why vitamin supplementation is sometimes necessary.
Look around - who’s back from vacation? Call them and ask how it was and offer “after summer regeneration products”!

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Product Story Videos

Pick your favorite Oriflame product and record product story video. Follow the four simple steps and create your product story:

1. What concern did you have?
2. How were you introduced to the product?
3. What product did you start using?
4. What results do you have and what does it mean to you?

Make it perfect: make yourself a great makeup, brush your hair, and put on your favorite dress or shirt. Take care of your background. No laundry should be drying behind you! Take care of the light. Record a video during the day, not in the evening. And remember to keep your video short. It should be max. one minute.
Send it to 10 people to encourage them to take an order. Use this video whenever you find an opportunity to share your passion.

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