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Make Fun with Fragrances

When you meet your friends, take few samples of the latest Oriflame’s perfumes with you. Propose a game of choosing a fragrance with closed eyes. Present them in pairs and ask, “Which one do you prefer - this or that?”. Finally, open the catalog and reveal the secret of the names of the selected fragrances.

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Men, Men, Men

We usually reach men through women - their wives and mothers. But it is wrong to assume that they are not interested in healthy skin, fragrances, and daily care products. Don’t underestimate them and share Oriflame with them, regardless of their age, job, or roles in their lives. Make a “Men’s TOP 5 Oriflame’s products list” and send a message to men from your circle of friends.

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Do you know someone who …

Ask your friends and customers: Do you know someone to whom you would write on the card attached to the gift: “My dear Modern Diva! You’re destined to leave an unforgettable star impression. I chose this gift to make you feel glamorous! It’s your moment to shine! “ If yes, let me know because I have a fantastic gift for your beloved fashionista, perfect for any occasion! This way, you can find the perfect customers for fragrances. Can you guess what perfume you can offer in this case? The answer is Devine Exclusive Edp!

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Crazy mornings

Mornings - how rarely do we find them lazy and pleasant. We usually have a lot of tasks: make breakfast for the kids, iron the shirt for work and of course - take care of yourself! We want our makeup to be fast.
What products will you recommend to get ready quickly? Make a “Save Time Make-up” list: CC cream, mascara, lipgloss, blush. Share how you do express makeup and recommend shopping!

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February is the month of love. It is worth remembering that on February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, we celebrate Single Awareness Day. Both dates are worth celebrating.
Valentine’s Day is a time of giving gifts to a loved one. Fragrances created in pairs - for him and her - like Eclat Nuit, work perfectly here.
Single Awareness Day is a great opportunity to take care of yourself. The aromatic bath with “Scents and Moments” sensual products will be perfect.
Whether you are in a relationship or single, all women want to feel attractive in February, and the One Irresistible Touch lipstick with a proven attraction effect will be perfect here!

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We celebrate Women’s Day in March. Take advantage and focus on empowering women. Plan and organize women’s meetings — skincare in a feminine atmosphere, make-up workshop.
Fragrance Blind Love Game is also a fantastic idea. Invite women to find their love at first scent. They will have to cover their eyes, and you will present them scents in pairs. They will choose which one they prefer as long as you will finish with the three best ones! Then they can take off a scarf or sleeping mask from their eyes, and you can share more details about winners!

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The days are getting shorter and gloomy. The sun is getting scarcer. Let’s illuminate reality by giving ourselves a bit of luxury. Giordani Gold products will be perfect for this time - perfumes, body cream, and makeup products! The upcoming time of Christmas and carnival is conducive to learning makeup. Treat yourself with golden elegance and make sure that your clients also take care of themselves.

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Appeal to emotions, not just data

There’s a longstanding myth that customers are rational in decision-making, influenced by data, ingredients, and efficiency. But that’s simply not the case.
People make subconscious, emotional decisions before the brain’s rational and analytical part takes over to justify the decision. Make them smile, make them feel relaxed, excited. The seller who creates an amazing atmosphere will win with the seller who will describe the product in details. What you can do to make people feel fantastic during and after your event?

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Product Story Videos

Pick your favorite Oriflame product and record product story video. Follow the four simple steps and create your product story:

1. What concern did you have?
2. How were you introduced to the product?
3. What product did you start using?
4. What results do you have and what does it mean to you?

Make it perfect: make yourself a great makeup, brush your hair, and put on your favorite dress or shirt. Take care of your background. No laundry should be drying behind you! Take care of the light. Record a video during the day, not in the evening. And remember to keep your video short. It should be max. one minute.
Send it to 10 people to encourage them to take an order. Use this video whenever you find an opportunity to share your passion.

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