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Time is a desired commodity

Nowadays, time is much more valuable than money. You will convince many people to buy when you show them how they can improve their everyday lives and save time. It’s a stronger argument than the low price. Wellness products - Meal Replacement, Wellness Shakes - are a great way to have a quick and healthy meal. If you know someone who lives in a hurry or complains about the lack of time during a conversation - offer your help.

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Always with you

What products should you always have with you? In a purse or in a car? What is worth having nearby? Tender Care is the perfect example - it’s tiny, affordable, and handy at any time of the year! What other products would you add to the list of essentials? Maybe hand cream, Wellness bars? Share “Always with you” ideas on your Social Media and open conversations at any time!

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Discover the power of small meetings

Make a small event by inviting only several guests. The intimate atmosphere makes people open up faster and share their needs, experiences. Wellness is a perfect topic for that. Make sure you balance the proportions: 50% of trying shakes and bars, sharing Wellness stories, and 50% to ask questions, get to know participants better and learn their needs.

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Find a target group!

Who needs advanced protection during summer? Everyone, but especially those who do sport exposed to the sun – for example, RUNNERS! Find Facebook Groups for runners, search for their influencers, and reach out to those highly engaged by commenting posts! Send them a direct message: “Hi Kate, I see you are a running enthusiast! A lot of my customers who also run use SPF shields to protect their beauty. If I send you a link to it, will you check if it is interesting for you?”.

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When to take them?

When it comes to Wellness supplements, people often have a dilemma: when and how often to take them? Share specific tips that will make the client easily imagine when it will be most convenient for him. Check an example:

Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract
To take good care of yourself and utilize the antioxidant effects of astaxanthin, it’s best to take Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract regularly rather than every now and then.
Recommended use: 1 capsule daily with a meal.
Easily add astaxanthin to your daily wellness ritual. You can take it:
• in the morning at breakfast with Multivitamins and minerals, or
• in the afternoon with a Natural Balance shake, or
• before exercise, after eating fruit or a Natural Balance bar

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Before & After pictures

If you want to encourage the purchase, a highly effective method, almost without using words, is a picture before and after. You can use this method to recommend Wellness, SkinCare, Make-up. Send a message with your before and after pictures to inactive people and new potential customers.

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Interesting ingredient

Wake up your curiosity about the key ingredients of our products. When you find something that interests you, you will remember it and be happy to share it with others. This is the perfect way to start a conversation about Oriflame. Check out this example:

All or Nothing - ingredient: Vanilla Surabsolute

Vanilla Surabsolute is the most beautiful quality of vanilla in the world. But the Oriflame and All or Nothing ingredient secret is in the sourcing and the timing - ours is sustainably sourced from Madagascar, at the optimal time, as nature intended, to deliver an exquisite scent that is deliciously addictive.

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You don’t have to get some weight during the holiday, you can feel light and have flat belly! Recommend those products as a ready-to-take healthy summer solution. To be ready anytime and everywhere and have a healthy solution with you!

Meal Replacement and Natural Balance Shakes - If you don’t have time for a meal, reach for healthy and diet cocktail which taste delicious. You don’t have to be on diet and be hungry. You don’t have to avoid sweet products like fruits or our shakes. You can have them and still loose weight.

Probiotic Fibre Drink - If had heavy meal or your meals wasn’t healthy recently and you feel heavy and tired you can reach for fibre to help detox your organism. Detoxing will help you feel light and vital, have more energy. If you want to feel good with your belly and effective brain without healthy gut so simply drink one glass during the day and take care about yourself.

Natural Balance Bars - When you are on the road, picnic, holiday or even away from home you can take a bar and fill your stomach and appetite. It’s very easy and need little space in your bag.

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August is a perfect time for a “second start”. When the new year begins, we have resolutions, and we set goals. September is the time when summer ends, children return to school, and we stop wandering on the beaches or mountains and go back to work.
This is a perfect time to set new goals to achieve by the end of the year. What is your goal? Financial? Related to health, beauty? What are the goals of the people around you, your customers? Call them and ask. Perhaps they will find Oriflame a way to make their beautiful dreams come true!
Create a post on Social Media about dreams and goal settings and attract dreamers to your network!

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Product Story Videos

Pick your favorite Oriflame product and record product story video. Follow the four simple steps and create your product story:

1. What concern did you have?
2. How were you introduced to the product?
3. What product did you start using?
4. What results do you have and what does it mean to you?

Make it perfect: make yourself a great makeup, brush your hair, and put on your favorite dress or shirt. Take care of your background. No laundry should be drying behind you! Take care of the light. Record a video during the day, not in the evening. And remember to keep your video short. It should be max. one minute.
Send it to 10 people to encourage them to take an order. Use this video whenever you find an opportunity to share your passion.

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